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Client Reviews

More than anything, we believe client referrals are the highest form of praise. We thank all of our clients who reviewed our business online. Here's what just a few had to say:

I have been going to Melissa- on several occasions now. Like the other reviewers, I travel and have had massages in many countries and all around the triad. Melissa heard my likes and dislikes, and where I preferred focus to be. Guess what?... She heard my request and worked her magic. She was very respectful. Right from the beginning, from the first knot to the last minute... I knew I found MY person. Give them a try, I'm so glad I did. I no longer need to search around anymore.Thanks, Melissa- you're outstanding at what you do. ~Tara K.

It took me years to find a masseuse who actually listened to my complaints and request. Melissa is top-notch, and I always feel like a million bucks. My only disappointment is that I don't visit as much as I need to. ~T. Kaheny

Super awesome professional. Melissa is the best! ~William H.

Melissa is a highly skilled massage therapist. She is very caring and listens carefully so that she can understand how to best serve you. Her knowledge base is strong and she is eager to increase it to better meet the needs of her clients. ~M. Joseph

Melissa is absolutely amazing! Truly caring and professional, and the best treat you can give a hard-worked body. Thanks for the wonderful treatments!!! ~Jerry M.


Melissa is excellent!! I had problems with my foot and due to her care, the issue is gone. I would highly recommend her to anyone to help with problem areas or if you just need a relaxing massage. She's the best! ~Wanda H. 

Being in the military, I have traveled all over the world and often have a massage to try to relieve the pain in my back. I can honestly say that I have found that nobody comes close to being as good as Melissa Pagan. She takes the time to get to know each patient and treats them with a level of skill that is not found anywhere else. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere; the best massage therapist is right here in Greensboro! ~B. Eavenson

Sharon was my massage therapist, and I haven't had a massage that good or intuitive in months, if not years! I had an area with a current injury and one that was recently healed as well as general tightness overall, and she addressed all of them with expert attention. She checked in with me about the amount of pressure she used, and she found that elusive sweet spot of deep enough where the knots melted but not so hard that I was having to work through pain and actively try to relax. As if this weren't enough, Sharon is a wonderful person and read me perfectly, engaging in a friendly and lively conversation when I felt like it and falling into silence when I didn't. The heated table and atmosphere were incredibly relaxing, and the location was easy to find and pleasant. Sharon is a Greensboro treasure, and I'll be sure to see her again should my travels bring me anywhere within driving distance. ~LaiJien


I haven't had many massages, but Sharon made me feel very comfortable at my first appointment. She is warm and professional and was thorough and attentive. The atmosphere is very relaxing from the moment you enter the space, with instrumental music softly playing in the background and air redolent of pleasantly herbal essential oils. I'm a massage believer now! ~Joelle

Sharon is a consummate professional. In addition, she is personable and caring. I love how she asks how I’m doing and then tailors my massage to what I need. ~Laura L.

Always love the massage from the therapists here. It's a relaxing atmosphere with some of the best therapists in town! Sharon Genwright is very skilled and listens to her clients. This new location is very convenient and well done. It's a relaxing environment as soon as you get the scent of the essential oils coming off the elevators. ~Justin M.

I have been seeing Sharon for three months now. I came to her with some painful neck issues. While there is no magic pill, my neck and shoulder pain has gradually diminished with her excellent massage work and the advice she has given me for some additional exercises. Sharon listens well and does a great job of checking in every time to see what might be needed. I highly recommend Sharon! Btw - don't be thrown by the outside of the building - her office and massage room is lovely, beautifully arranged, quiet, and inviting. ~D. Suess 

I highly recommend Sharon Genwright at Back in Balance for a massage! I went for my prenatal massage today and fell asleep! Very professional and reasonable. Check her out! ~A. Pierce

Sharon is an excellent massage therapist. I have never been disappointed with one of her treatments. She is also a lovely person. I highly recommend her... ~Pat C.

The best massage you will find in Greensboro. Sharon is awesome! ~Jessica C.

I loved it, Sharon did a wonderful job, and I will come back. ~Tamara T.

I see Sharon on a regular basis. It's a reset that keeps me going. I work in fitness, work out regularly, and have osteoarthritis. I view massage therapy as part of my routine, self-care, and as a "necessity" for my pain management. A regularly scheduled massage makes a huge impact on my life, my work, and my duties as a busy mom. Wouldn't choose anyone else! ~Jeanie J.

I saw Sharon for a 30-minute massage this past weekend and I was extremely satisfied with my time with her! I have never been to a massage therapist before, so I didn't know what to expect at all going in! However, Sharon made me feel very at ease and relaxed. She took her time instead of rushing, which makes such a difference, and in no way did I ever feel uncomfortable. I did not have any particular problem areas, I just wanted to give massage therapy a try. Though I did not have any problems coming in, I most certainly didn't have any when I left. I felt incredibly limber and relaxed when I left the session! I have heard from many people that massages are very intense and sometimes a bit painful due to the amount of pressure the therapist applies. Sharon made sure to ask me if she was applying too much pressure and did all that she could to make sure that I was comfortable. I had a very good session with Sharon and I will definitely be returning whether a problem area comes up or not! ~Kimberly R.

I saw Sharon yesterday for a 90-minute massage and today as I write this review I feel 100% better. First off let me say that I receive massages on a regular and thought I had found the best person in the area at Balance Day Spa. I was a customer for over the last 6 years, there was only one person who I was satisfied with and then she left. I have visited the other one with the purple sign, can't remember the name and Grandover, needless to say, none of them compared to what I received yesterday. The service I received from Sharon was intimate from beginning to end, including the environment. I never felt rushed or like I was on a time schedule, we spoke briefly about my areas of concern and what I would like her to focus on. I carry all my stress on my shoulders, upper back, and neck area. Sharon started out searching for the areas requiring attention and went from there, As she began to focus on my problem areas she slowly massaged the kinks, tightness, and muscles that were lying dormant. As she gave those stubborn areas the attention needed I felt other areas begin to loosen up. I was so relaxed that when it was time to turn over it took a few minutes. Between the oil, hot stones, and her strong hands, I woke up feeling 100% better. I was having a headache every day and I knew it was related to the muscles in my neck, but after my massage and that specific area was massaged I feel relief. I recommend you give Sharon a chance and I guarantee you will not be sorry. Needless to say, she is my new massage therapist! ~ LaQuan H.

I came to see Sharon for a 90-minute session with a focus on my neck and hips. She is very warm and attentive and puts me in a relaxed mindset right away. Sharon's massage is incredibly focused and her massage has a beautiful flow, my neck and hips feel absolutely amazing. As a fellow massage therapist, I value finding an LMBT like Sharon for massage because her love for her profession is reflected in her massage! ~Millicent P.

 I see Sharon every 2 weeks to work on my hips and upper body.  She is awesome, every time.  She is strong and caring and truly listens to what your body needs.  I completely lose track of time during our sessions. She keeps my body moving!  She also does amazing footwork, including scrubs and hot towels that truly revitalize my tired feet. I highly recommend her if you're in need of a massage. ~Megan D.

Most excellent technique on my quads. Sharon, you are the queen of quads. ~Barry

Excellent massage by Sharon which reduced my trigger point pain greatly. ~Tracy

I've been to Sharon before, and as before, she was excellent. Provided a calming and inviting atmosphere. I don't understand the art of massage, but I do know that I could feel the tension in my muscles relieved. Thank you Back in Balance!!! ~Joy T.

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