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Corporate Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is a 5 - 20 minute stress-reducing massage conducted through clothing, no oil is used; thereby each massage is received while sitting in a specially-designed ergonomic chair. Chair massage helps to lessen many of the symptoms including tension, headaches, muscle aches and pains,  low energy levels, and anxiety. Tense neck and shoulder muscles restrict the flow of blood to the brain, resulting in poor oxygen supply, which in turn leads to decreased alertness and productivity.

On-site chair massage:

-release muscle tension

-improve focus and concentration

-induce state of relation

-relieve tension headaches

-increase energy

-strengthen the immune system

-create a sense of well-being


Chair massage is a great idea for the following and so much more:


1. Employee/Customer Appreciation

2. Health Fairs/Expos

3.Teacher/Staff Appreciation

4. Exam Week

5. Dinner Parties

6. Bachelorette Parties


Please call 336.215.0536 or 336.847.1881 for a quote on your next event.


*Two hour minimum service time; $70 per hour per therapist



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